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  They are in our backyard, our forests, plains, mountains, atmosphere, ocean, in our homes. We are even one of them. They are everywhere. 8.7 million species of them. They are animals, life on Planet Earth. For most of us, we know so very little about them, how they live and survive alongside us. And what this blog intends to do is educate you, young and old, about who and what they are. We will look at their lives and tell you a bit about this wonderful life on the planet. Every week, a couple of times during the week we will introduce you to the animals, fish, birds, insects, reptiles you know and some you've never heard of. Let's start with the familiar: The Red Ruffed Lemur This little guy with piercing yellow eyes is called a Red Ruffed Lemur.  It comes from the island of Madagascar which is a large island just off the continent of Africa, southeastern Africa. It lives in the northeast rainforests and is Diurnal, which means it is active and jumping around searching for f


  Here We Go!! Welcome to the brand new Animals Central Blog. We are a new addition to the Animals Central family. Our flagship is the Animals Central Education Website which can be found at We also have a podcast at Animals-Central Podcast . This blog is all about Animals. There are are 8.7 million species of animals that fly, roam, crawl, swim, and make their home as our neighbors on Planet Earth. We are going to learn about many of them right here. We will post descriptions, images, and maybe a video or two, or three, or more.  We will be posting several times per week so check back often.  So, let's get started.